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Take data-driven decisions with Real-time Dynamic HeatMaps combined with session recording and track your visitor's Movement Tracking, Mouse Clicks and Scrolling Pattern

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Analyze what Visitors are Focusing On

Mapping Hero dashboard presents you filtered dynamic heatmaps which can be used to analyze where your website visitors are clicking the most. Forming a pattern, you can find the elements which aren’t working for you

Dynamic Hotspot

All clicking areas of interest visible on heatmap are created live and refreshed by your site's most recent format and element positions. This also applies to Movement Tracking, Mouse Clicks and Scrolling Pattern

Visual Touchpoint

With analytics and insights presented in heatmap, you can ensure that the data is well concluded without the need of calculating numbers manually. These reports can later be shared and exported.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike the regular heatmaps offered by competition, Mapping Hero dynamic heatmaps are updated in real-time with the stored CSS and Elements position at the time heatmap duration. This allows us to bypass css loading issues and provides you with reliable data.

Yes, session recording is included with dynamic heatmaps plan.

No, since Dynamic heatmaps are basically a virtual representation of collective data of multiple website visitors. It is impossible to display IP address of all session. You can however get it from our session recording dashboard.

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