Form Analytics

Understand if your form layout is working or not and what could be improved. It provides instant insights into how visitors are progressing through your conversion funnel. Form Analytics is the only tool you'll ever need to understand how your visitors are engaging with your form.

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Understand Where Your Users are Dropping

The way this type of analytics works is that when the user fills out the form, their interaction pattern gets stored in your Dashboard. Repeating patterns for multiple form submissions will represent how the user interacted with the form. Extremely helpful for companies willing to improve their form conversion rates.

Form Analytics

Precise Field Data

Map out your form field with precision, and collect all the data that you need to know about your customer's interaction patterns, their behaviour. Gone are the days of guessing where you're going wrong!

Completely Integrated

With integrated session recording and Heatmaps, You are assured of in-depth and data backed information to perform data driven decisions. Without any developer or tech support

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Everything is included under 1 Plan. And you’ll get all the tools without any hidden charges.

You’ll need to watch 100s of session recordings to conclude anything from it. Which is time taking. Whereas, Form analytics provides you with aggregated data at once.

Any browser that can run Javascript will support Mapping Hero form analytics. This shouldn’t be an issue as almost every browser today supports javascripts.

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