A/B Testing Tool

Never lose time and money on redesigns again. Mapping Hero A/B testing tool helps you find the best layout, color, call-to-action, and more for your site just by dragging and dropping. You can try out multiple variations of your page and find out the better one to bring in more conversions.

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Unlimited Experiment Opportunities

Mapping Hero gives you the ability to test your website design with your target users to see which version brings you the most conversions. This saves you time and money by optimizing your conversion rates. You can run unlimited tests with Mapping Hero’s built-in Cloud system and save hours of work by removing manual work.

Drag & Drop UI

Create web page experiments on your website by just dragging and dropping elements or content. And publish them live within 5-minutes.

No Developer Required

No Developer is required either to publish experiments live on your website Get the best of both worlds with Mapping Hero. It's an easy-to-use, powerful & user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mapping Hero script is loaded asynchronously and takes less than 6kb to load. If you’re facing page speed issues, it is recommended to focus on other optimization techniques such as Image size, faster server, clean code and CDNs

Our script is designed to mitigate any flickering issues. However, you can manually place the script on top of your header to be assured.

You can re-run the experiment or end it based on the statistical significance of your data.

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